This is the simplified disclaimer, terms of use, privacy policy, and more for this consulting firm website and for the consulting firm.

My book discusses privacy, and mentions that the average person agrees to hundreds of privacy policies and terms of use per year, without even reading them. Don't feel bad for not reading them, many are very long, and if you were to do so, it would cost you hundreds of hours of your life each year, and you still would not understand what you have agreed to. Companies make money from information about you, and criminals want to steal this information and use it too. Thus privacy is a serious concern for all of us. Hopefully you read this and enjoy it. Comments and feedback are welcome.

Disclaimer and Terms of Use

Hopefully this site is helpful, but don't rely upon this information if you are in a situation requiring individualized assistance. Nothing in this site constitutes advice (consulting, legal or otherwise) and no relationship (consulting, attorney-client, or otherwise) is established between us though use of the site, and even if we communicate directly.  Don't send me confidential information through this site or via email. If we both decide to establish a consulting engagement, we will enter into a formal agreement, but until then, there is no such relationship.

Privacy Policy

I don't keep much information relating to website visitors. If you contact me through the website contact form or email, I receive the information you have provided to me. I don't maintain a mailing list. I don't share your contact information with third parties unless I have your consent, or as required by law and the rules of professional responsibility.

My site uses cookies, and also uses Google Analytics, which is a very common website usage analysis tool. This helps me learn something about general website usage, but very little about individual users. Many of the websites you visit use sophisticated technology to track you, identify you and your device, and learn about you. But here, it is quite basic and simple.


This is my consulting firm's website, it's advertisement. I don't make any promises or claims, and if I have had successes in the past, that's no guarantee that every future case will also be a success.

Linked sites and my organizations

I have some links to external sites, such as where you can buy my book, and places where my articles are hosted. When you leave this site and go to another site, you're in their hands and governed by their policies and terms of use.

I link to my own sites too, which have very similar policies and are:

Also, I link to the website for my latest book:

To comply with New York State laws and rules, I had to create two separate legal entities, one to practice law (Bandler Law Firm PLLC), and one to perform consulting services (Bandler Group LLC). That seemed to indicate I needed two websites. And then it seemed good to have a website devoted to my book, and then one for me personally. Now I am the proud operator of four websites, learning more every day.