Protect yourself and your business.  Some have not even begun the process, and we can help with that.

For small businesses and individuals, we can quickly and efficiently get you started.

For mid and large businesses, we can help evaluate and then properly address the risks you face.


Start with a proper investigation of the facts.  Without knowing and understanding the facts, it is impossible to make well-reasoned decisions.

If cybercrime or other crime has victimized you, we can investigate.  If your business has a problem, or is being targeted by criminals, we can research and get to the bottom of it.

Speaking, Training, and Subject Matter Expertise

The root of most problems and solutions is people, even when technology is involved.

Cybersecurity and fraud prevention are not simply technical fixes that you apply and forget about.  It's about educating your team and improving their knowledge, processes, efficiency, and security. That's why training and awareness is essential.

More About Our Services

We provide a broad range of services relating to cybersecurity, cybercrime investigations, traditional investigations, security, data privacy, and anti-money laundering.  We have both a range of experience and depth of expertise, can translate complicated and complex matters for you, and can suggest common sense solutions.

Cybercrime Investigations
If you or your company has been victimized by cybercrime it may be hard to know where to start. Cybercrime is a booming industry, earning billions on a global scale, and the participants work with near impunity. We can help you figure out what happened, secure you from future threats, and navigate a path forward.

You, your home, and your office have data that criminals would like to get, and systems they would like to use. You should secure it for your own sake, and if you hold customer data, or confidential and sensitive data, then you have a responsibility to secure it properly. It is important to analyze the threats and risks, and then protect against them in a prioritized and meaningful way. Secure yourself now, to minimize the chances of becoming a victim of cybercrime or identity theft in the future.

Policies and Procedures

In most organizations, there is usually room for improvement on this front. It is not good to have policies and procedures that are outdated, inefficient, don't protect the organization, or don't make sense. That makes it hard for employees to know what their job is, much less do it, and creates the potential for problems later. Sometimes a fresh review and analysis is required.

Until an incident or circumstances are properly and objectively investigated by experienced people, it is difficult to know what really happened, and thus difficult to properly address root causes. Where the situation is simple or complex, hi-tech or low-tech, from outside or within, the basic principles are the same and we can help.

Business Risk Analysis
Businesses should continually evaluate and analyze the various risks and threats that they are facing, so that they can decide whether and how to mitigate the risks. Your company has many assets, including your data, reputation, intellectual property, employees, and physical assets. You face many threats from criminals, natural disaster, and crime, and you need to comply with regulations and laws.

Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Fraud
If your company is involved in payments and financial transactions, you should ensure that you are not being used by criminals to launder their ill-gotten gains, and that you are not being used to further their criminal activity . Whether regulation requires it, reputation risk implicates it, or you are simply being a good corporate citizen, it all leads towards analyzing your business with an eye towards how criminals may misuse it. Although fraud and money laundering schemes can be very complex, we can help you mitigate against them. We have experience in cybercrime money laundering and digital currency.

Data Analysis
Sometimes, the investigation concerns what might be hidden within the data, and figuring out what the data really means. We can conduct this analysis, summarize the data in a logical and transparent fashion, and arrive at meaningful conclusions.

Speaking and Training
Whether you need a speaker, training, or training program, we can help. "Securing the human" is a significant concern, because human error and human choices create significant cybersecurity risks. With a broad base and unique expertise, we can fill your need, whether it is about cybercrime, cybersecurity, information security, physical security, digital currency, money laundering, investigations, and law. ​​

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